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Accurate in keeping his accounts obt'd. a Jud't. for the sum of L [blank] he preys that ye Record of said suit may be taken as Part of his Bill. Your Orator farther Sheweth that ye Above Mentioned Negroes for whom ye Debt Accrued he is well informed are not slaves but only Bound to Service a limited time He prays that ye Vouchers on that subject May Also be taken as Part of his Bill. He is told that ye testimony of a Mr Bartlett Davies will Make it appear that ye said Negroes or mulattoes are ye same refered to in ye Annexed Order of Cumberland Court & that they are not Slaves. Your Orator is informed ye Deft has removed to Georgia & in low Circumstances. He hopes that as he has already Paid so much Money without a Valuable Consideration that ye aforesaid Jud't. may not be allowed to have its effect so as to increase ye Degree of injustice which he has Alreay Sustained. He threre Prays ye Deft May Answer ye above allegations on Oath & that he may have an inj'n to say proceedings on said Jud't.