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The answer of [illegible] to a mile of [illegible] exhibited by Robert Lewis again and [illegible] date, before this Honorable John Brown Jury of the Superior Court of Chancery holder for the Staunton District. This defendant receiving to himself [illegible] an answer of exception [illegible] thereto faith Third being [illegible] of and owning a Negro man named [illegible] and the same in the body of the complaint and mentioned who had been guilty of theft and running away tho a valuable slave for work he is the [illegible] of the [illegible] to endeavor to effect a sale of him that is [illegible] of this authority this [illegible] ward with the negro to Buckingham court house and on returning home delivered to this debt [illegible] Lewis for the sum of $450 payable as the price for which he had sold him. That this debt abruptly required this said [illegible] to conceal nothing of the character of the negro his [illegible] conduct the [illegible] he did not from the price he got for him & the manner in which it was made payable, the negro being sound and healthy a valuable work hand & not an old man therefore the bond of this complaint coming due & his referal to pay it off this debt in [illegible] the County Court of Albemarle & obtained [illegible] as stated in the bill. This debt