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Question by Dfts Counsel Did you ever see the Dft Barksdale before this search & conversation? Answer - I never saw him to know him before that time. Question by same - Is not the plff in the habit of buying negroes. Answer - He buys for his own use. Question by same - Were you not overseer for the plff & how long did the sd negro stay there before his elopement? Answer - From Tuesday to Saturday Question by same - By whom were you & Thos Tilman sent on this search? Answer - By the plff. Question by plff - Who brought the sd negro on the plantation? Answer - He came alone & the plff did not live on that plantation. Question by Dfts Counsel - Did you ever hear the plff say that he had bought the sd negro from the Dft.? Answer - Yes - & further this affiant saith not.

Albemarle County Sworn to before me a justice of the peace for sd County at the place & time aforesd Tho. Wood