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The answer of George Vickers, a freedman, of the County of Augusta, to the bill of Rebecca Ann Vickers, his wife, filed against him in the Circuit Court of said County of Augusta.

The respondent, saving all proper exceptions to said bill, for answer hereto, or so much thereof as it is necessary for him to make answer to, answering, saith: that he has heard the allegations of said bill carefully read to him [illegible] & that he has no hesitation in admitting them to be literally true, as deeply as he regrets them: that he could not rest satisfied to do otherwise than acquiesce in the prayer of the bill, as he deems it the duty of all "to do as they would be done by" & under this sacred rule he would expect of the parties hereto, were he in the same situation the said first husband is in touching the premises first precisely what the Oratrix has prayed for in her said bill: that he desires to reserve his said child, & here express gratification at finding that the Oratrix indicates entire willingness that he should have the child.