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that his return pleaced her in a situation so embarrassing she sought council as to what course she should pursue to release herself therefrom: that it was distinatly understood & agreed, between her said second husband & herself, before their marriage, that should her said first husband return & claim her as his wife, that she should return to him: and that event having now occurred she is desirous the agreement shall be carried into [illegible] in good faith: that she & her said second husband were registered as man & wife, by the United States Registrar of the district embracing said County of Augusta, & a certificate given thereof, which will be provided & filed as a part of this bill: that but for this registration (as she is advised) there would be no difficulty in her case, as her said second marriage was but a [illegible], her said first husband being alive: that she bore to her said first husband three children, two of whom are still living - and one to the second husband, now a little over twelve months old: that her said husband, respectively, claims their respective children - the first husband the two, & the second the one: that she is entirely willing the children shall be so disposed of, after weaning from the breast the later, should this Honorable Court so decree: that she has no hesitation in here stating, that she was well treated by her said husbands, respectively & whilst she commisserates with her [illegible] husband, on having a mutual [illegible] so, [illegible] severed, she feels it to be a duty of a sacred character resting upon her, now to return to her said first husband, whom she loved sincerely.

Now, in view of the promises, together with all the circumstances, embraced therein, she being otherwise entirely [illegible], she prays that this Honorable Court will decree the said second marriage null & void, & restore her to her said first husband as his wife, or so that she shall be married to him in accordance with the laws bearing upon the subject of marriage, should the first marriage be deemed insufficient to legalize the relations of each to the