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Your Orator then requested of the said Miles Gathright to tell him who was Present at the time, that would prove it, that your orator might summon's them, he then inform'd your orator that he Could not remember, their names, but that he had their names written in his Pockett Book, about amile from where your orator and the said Miles was then, your orator request the said Miles to go or send for his Pocket Book, who refused to, do either your orator offered to send for it him self, but the said Miles still refused, your orator then told him the said Miles that he would subpoena him as Witness out to Halifax, if he would not Inform him who was present at the time of the Sale, which your orator did to see of he [could?] not find out, what persons they were, as was written in the said Miles Pocket Book as he spoke of, who said he would not attend for he Expected that after your orator had got him to Court [illegible] your orator would Sue him for he had heard before that your orator did Intend to sue him, and that he supposed was all that your orator wanted with him, Your Orator then told the said [illegible] that he Could not sue him when he was attending as a witness, if he had a right of action agt. him, Your Orator further Inform'd the said Miles that he never intended to sue him for he had no right of action agt. him, Johnson might but if he had Johnson nor no one Could sue him when he was attending as a witness he then told your Orator that if your orator would not sue him nor suffor Johnson to sue it he would Come out to Court and being sufficient witnesses to [illegible] Johnson, Your Orator then told the said Miles that he had better tell our orator who they were that your orator might Subpa. them him self for that the said Miles would not be allowed for he was interested and that the Court would not allow him to be a witness, Your Ortor further sheweth that the said Miles then requested of your orator that if he would only put him in the Subpa. to pervent him from being sued he would come out and bring Sufficient Witnesses to make it appear that he only sold the Mulattoe Girl to the said Johnson for to serve but nine or ten years as well as your orator remembers. Your Orator further sheweth that at the request of the the said Miles to pervent him from being sued by Johnson