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If he Come out, and with no other intent for it was not intended when put in the Sup'a. that he should be paid as a witness Your orator further sheweth, that on those Conditions your orator put him in the Subp'a. together with Miles Gathright Jr and who was to be made use of as a witness, and left the sub['a. with them for the said Miles Jr. to put in any witness that would prove that he did not sell the girl as a Slave to Johnson, Your orator further sheweth that he told the said Miles he would send him a letter from Williamsburg and that he would send him another Subp'a. & it was necessary for your orator Expected to have seen the Clk there Your orator further Sheweth that he did not See the Clk, but that he Write a letter to the said Miles Informing him that he must not fail to bring the Witnesses he spoke of and for to put them in the subp'a. Your orator left with him his Cousin and for them the sd. Witnesses to attend & that your orator would See them paid &c. or was as to that purpose. Your orator further declares that he Saw the letter Since In the possession of the said Miles Gathright & that he told your orator that he received it a few days after Your Orator & he parted. Your orator then asked the said Miles if he had brought the witnesses that he told your orator he would, to prove in what manner that he sold the Girl to Johnson, he answered your orator no he had not, but he would Swear it him self, your Orator further sheweth that from the behavour of the said Gathright and his prevaricating in the manner he did your orator had reason to believe that he the said Gathright sold the said Mulattoe as the said Johnson alledged he could make appear, your orator then went to the said Johnson in order to Coumpound the matter which Your orator did on the following Conditions to wit, your orator was to return Back the said Mulattoe Girl to said Johnson or his order on the said Johnson Given Bond & Security for the payment of the money that your orator had paid said Johnson for the sd. Girl agreeable to the Jud't. Conferd by the said Johnson to your orator in this Worshipful Court reference there unto had may more fully appear, after which the said Miles then wanted to Claim his attendance which much Supprised your orator knowing that he was not Subp'a'd with that Intent told him if he did he would not pay him But at the same time told the said Miles if Johnson would pay it your orator did not Care, Your orator went Instantly to James Johnson who was to be Benj'n. Johnson Security to your orator and asked him if he would pay Miles Gathright's attendance who refused saying that he was interested and for bid your orator paying the same untill your orator was obliged, your orator further Sheweth that when the sd. Miles Came in to Court to Claim his attendance your orator for bid him telling him at the same time he would never pay it him Nevertheless the said Miles well knowing he had no right to Claim his attendance agt. your orator, had it Entered and since hath sued process of Contempt agt. your orator for not paying him the same; All which acting and doings are Contrary to Equity and good Conscience and tend to wrong, Injury, and opression of your orator in tender Consideration where of and for as much as your orator is remidiless in the premises save only by aid of this Worshipful Court where matters of fraud, [illegible] and oppression of this nature are to be relieved To the end those of that the said Miles Gathright may on his Corporal oath true distinct and perfect answer make to all and Singular the premises as fully as if the Same were again repeated, and Interrogated and that he Set forth If it was not at his own request he was put in the Sup'a. to prevent him being sued by Johnson if he did not agree if your orator would put him in, if he would not bring or send witnesses to [illegible] Johnson, If he did not receive a letter from yr orator for him not to attend Expecting to be a witness, and when he did attend in the manner he did if he the [lest?] Expected to be paid for it, But on the contrary whether it was not agreed that was not to be paid, also if he did not agree if he did not bring sufficient witnesses to Col. Johnson, if he would not pay all Costs, If he has not Claim'd his attendance agt. your orator for [blank] Tob'l & [illegible] as a witness for your orator agt. the af'd. Benj'a. Johnson, in the Suit af'd if he has not Issued Execution agt. your orator for the same and that the said Miles Gathright may be Compell'd from all further and other proceeding untill the same be heard in Equity before your worships and that your orator make have further and other relief in the premises as may be agreeable to Equity and good Concience and as to your Worships seems Just and right May it Please Your Worships to grant your orator his Maj mst. Gracious writ or writs of Subp'a &c Isaac Read for Complt. Sworn to in Court 19th Apl 1773 P. Covington