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To the worshipful Court of Halifax County in [Chancers] sitting The Bill of Elisha Dodson respectfully sheweth that sometime in the latter part of the summer of the last year he agreed with a certain Charles F. Wall to unite with him on the purchase and sale of negroes. By the said agreement the active management of the said business was to be confided to the said Charles F. Wall, who undertook to purchase the negroes in this state or elsewhere and to carry them to the south for sale. At the time the said agreement was entered into neither he nor the said Wall had money, wherewith negroes could be purchased and they agreed to raise it by getting their [notes?] discounted at one of the Banks in Lynchburg, the said Wall agreeing that he would immediately lay out the money then to be obtained and to make sale of the slaves so as to take up the notes when they should become payable according to the agreement with the Bank. In pursuance of this agreement, your orator executed his note for $4,500 payable to the said Wall and negotiable at the Farmer's Bank inj Lynchburg, and he and the said Wall procured from R. Haggood, [Alex?] Moore and Richard Kirby to endorse the said note. This note was discounted at the Farmer's Bank in Lynchburg in October last, and the money obtained. Thereby passed into the hands of the said Wall. Upon the discount of the said note, the bank agreed to continue the said note until October next.

   As soon as the said Wall received