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believes, invest the whole of the money received. He brought back with him to this county in the month of June, twenty one slaves. After his return, your orator informed him that the time for taking up the note was fast approaching and urged him to [illegible] out immediately for the purpose of making sale of the said slaves. [[Line through text - When he declined doing so, he agreed to go himself and sell the said negroes }] Then also the said Wall refused to go and e and the said negroes are now in this county, so that in all reasonable probability the negroes cannot be sold in time to take up the said note. In addition to this, your orator has lately understood that the said Wall in preparing to set out for the purpose of selling the said slaves, but not with the view of appropriating the money to the payment of the said note. Your orator has been informed and he has not doubt truly that the said Wall has declared his intention of selling the said slaves and of appropriating the money to the payment of a private debt which he owes, and your orator warily believes he will so appropriate it. Indeed he believes that he has already appropriated a part of the money obtained by the discount of the said note to his own private uses. Should he appropriate the money in the manner stated by him as aforesaid, your orator will not only be greatly harrassed in taking up the said not, but he believes that he will find great difficulty in getting a reimbursement from the said Wall. In lender consideration of the premises and in as much as your orator is [remediless] therein without the aid of a Court of Equity. To the end therefore that that the said Charles F. Wall may answer