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An Act Allowing Sarah T. Thornton to remove certain slaves from this state to the state of North Carolina Passed January 27th 1863 Whereas it has been represented to the General Assembly, that Sarah T Thornton, relict of Dr. Richard Thornton of the County of Halifax is possessed of a life estate in certain slaves received by her as dower from the estate of her said husband, and that said Sarah T Thornton wishes to remove said slaves to the County of Granville, North Carolina Be it enacted by the General Assembly that the County or Circuit Court of the County of Halifax, shall have power, upon the petition of the said Sarah T Thornton, to authorize her to remove said salves to the said County of Granville, in such manner, and upon such terms as to the said Court may seem proper; Provided, that before such removal a list of all the slaves to be removed containing a description thereof, shall be filed in the clerks office of the Court authorizing such removal; And provided further that the said Sarah T Thornton shall give bond