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To the Honorable John B. Clopton, judge of the [page torn] Superior Court of law and chancery for the County [page torn] Humbly complaining shew unto your Honor, your [page torn] Betsey Bazinett, a free coloured girl, daughter of Matilda Bazinett, also a free woman, that she was of course born free her mother, and grandmother before her being free persons. That her mother was at one time, just previous to her birth, the wife of John, a highly reputable coloured, but a slave, the property of Charles Tinsley of the County of Hanover; that soon after your complainant was born, while she was yet a tender inf [page torn] a separation took place between her mother and John her [page torn] who with the assent of his Master, the said Charles Tinsley, [page torn] oratrix was put with John's mother, where from contr[page torn] from John, who is a blacksmith, she was supported until she was of such age as to render service in the family of the said Tinsley, where she remained until Christmas last, when she was induced to leave his house, from apertaining that [page torrn] said Tinsley in conjunction with others, was was contemp[page torn] and confederating to deprive your oratrix of her freedom [page torn] her, and contriving her off to parts unknown. That she [page torn] from Christmas, until the middle of August, at the house of Po [page torn] Tinsley a free woman of colour in the immediate neighborhood of the said Chs Tinsley without actual molestation, but finding that, without some protection, she would probably be seized upon and sold by the said Charles Tinsley, and his confederates Saml H. Tinsely, John C Tinsley, Thomas Tinsley, Peter Tinsley & Redd Chapman all of whom, as well as the said Charles Tinsley, are prayed to [page torn] made defendants to this bill, and true answer make upon [page torn] corporal oaths, the said Chs Tinsley in particular, as to the [page torn] and time your oratrix was brought to his house, and whe [page torn] not on divers times, acknowledged that she was a free girl [page torn] your oratrix at the time aforesaid (Middle of August) hired herself for the bala [page torn] to Messrs. H. & J.M. Davis at their tavern at Lankfords, where she has since remained, in character of waiter. She alledges that altho she resided at Mr Chs Tinsleys with her grand mother, she was always treated as a free girl, so acknowledged by the said