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[page torn] reputed in the neighborhood. That the said Chs [page torn] his aforesaid confederates, conceiving the testimony [page torn] dom now lost, have conspired together to sell her to parts [page torn] own, and threaten for that purpose, and have actually made efforts to seize upon, to consummate their aforesaid most inequitous purpose. Your oratrix prays that the testimony of her being born free, now luckily for her, being still complete and ample, be allowed her to be taken in writing, and [perfituated?] and that a decree of your Honorable Court, may forever [page torn] at the will of your complainant to her freedom. And [page torn] the meantime the said Chs Tinsley, Saml H Tinsley. [page torn] Tinsley, Thomas Tinsley, Peter Tinsley and Redd Chapman [page torn] others, their agents attorneys or confidants, be enjoined [page torn] om using any violence towards your oratrix, or in any way molesting her or taking her into their possession, or either of them, as she has a well grounded apprehension of being, & then taken beyond the protection and jurisdiction of your Court; and may [page torn] to your complainant such other and further [page torn] her case may require, and to equity seem [page torn] May it please the court to grant a subpeona &c Henrico County to wit This day personally appeared before me Richard Adams a justice of the peace for the said County Haler [page torn] who made oath, that several of the allegations of the within bill [page torn] of his own knowledge, and that from the information of [page torn] he believes, all the allegations of the said bill to be [page torn] true. Given under my hand this fourteenth [page torn] of Sept 1836. Richard Adams Bazinett vs Tinsleys &als Bill