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To Injoin and restrain the Defendants, their agents, attornies and all others from taking possession of or otherwise interfering with the Plaintiff until the further order of this Court. And unless some person on the behalf of the Plaintiff shall enter into bond in the penalty of one thousand Dollars conditioned to have the Plaintiff forthcoming to abide the future decree of this Court (which bond the Sheriff of Hanover is authorized to take) the Sheriff of Hanover County is directed to take the Plaintiff into his possession and hire her out until the further order of the Court. Royal H. Eubank having, with security entered into bond in the penalty of one hundred Dollars payable to the Defendants & conditioned to pay all such costs & damages as the Defendants or either of [page torn] shall incur by reason of this Injunction being awarded, in case the same shall be dissolved. Teste Philip B. Winston C.C. 33 Baz[page torn] vs Tinsley &c } Sub: of Injc: HD Executed on the defendants Samuel H Tinsley, Charles Tinsley, Peter Tinsley, Redd Chapman, by delivering a Copy to each and on John C. Tinsley by leaving a copy at his residence, all on the 28th day of Sept 1834 A P Bowles DS for And Bowles SHC Thomas Tinsley [illegible] Joe Roberson A B Bowles DS