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Bazinett vs Tinsley et al } Injn Bill &c Filed 16th Sept. 1836 1836 Octr 5th Bill filed & cont'd vs Tho. Tinsley &c for ans'rs of others Nov 13th Decr 5th 1837 Jany 7th } Cont'd in Cha. Tinsley and for ans'rs of others Feby 11th Cont'd on Tho. Tinsley & Bill pro confess'd vs others Mar. 11th Cont'd vs Tho. Tinsley Apl 3rd Ditto (In Court) " 8th Dism'd by Plt. vs Tho. Tinsley 13th Injo. [illegible] & decree for Plts page 219 100 36 26 74 68 2 Copy Decree 18 Clk 5/41 Shff 150 Alto 1666 Tax 75 $24.32