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Copy of Division for John Jacobs Estate Clark Nottingham intermarried with Mary J widow of Jno Jacobs

& [illegible] 7 yds of breeches ticker & 6 yds & 1/7 of fine brown Linnen & two yds of Check Linnen and two new Cotten handkerchiefs & three yds of fine flannel To two Iron pots one at thirty two the other at thirty three pounds one Iron spit and one old broad Axe A parcel of Farmers tools and a parcel of old Iron To a large new Diaper table Cloth & two Diaper napkins & one Linnen Do. To five old sixty Gallon Caske and one old tub one side of Sole leather and one of upper leather To a pair of hand mill stones spindle frogg [specken?] To a new linnen wheel and an old linnen Wheel To a small [harding?] gun one small new Pot & forty nine bushels of Corn to Kersy Coat worn & packets of flannel To a new Caster hat and a small parcel of small buttons To brass kettle one old rug & eleven bushels of Indian Corn one [toco?] Rug & a small grind stone, an Iron work of a plough and old pair of Spectacles To four Geese three old flagg Chairs two old Scifters a tub two old bowls a hay [dray?] & old Scives To fifty seven shilling, in Cash and a set of silver buttons & three hundred seventy six bounds of Tobacco. Berry Floyd. Jonathan Stotte John Robard. At a Court held for Northumberland County the 10th day of Novem'r. 1730. The Division of the Estate of John Jacob deced was presented in Court by Mary Jacob his Executrix w'ch is Ordered to be Recorded. Teste Recorded Teste } Thos. Cable C C Cert'd Teste Thos. Cable C C Cert'd