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An Inventory of Thomas Jacobs part of his Father's Estate. To one Negroe Girl called Sarah, To 4 three year old Cow kind & one horse about six years old To one swine three years old three swine of two years old four swine of one year old To a Bed No. 3 bolster an old Rug two blankets & two sheets bed stead mat & Cord To one pillow & two pillow cases and a new handkerchief & thirty nine yards of Dorvlas & seven yards of fine fustian To a heavy coat & Saggothy jacket & breeches & a parcel of buttons and mohair. To an Iron pot at fifty [illegible] pounds w'th pot hook and one Logg wood Ax worn and a frying pan worn and one old hand saw and a parcel of old Iron. To fifteen pounds of old worn pewter. To a lanthorn & one earthen butter pot a pair of Scizzers & a Gimblet two glass bottles & a earthen pan To 3 new pewter dishes, five new pewter plates & two new pewter basons five new pewter spoons and a new pewter chamber pot & a large grater two earthen cups and a Common prayer book and one tin funnel. To a large new Diaper table Cloth and new Diaper Napkins and a linnen napkin. To five sixty gallons of Syder Casks and one old tub a side of sole leather & a side of upper leather. To new spinning Wheel a large Cedar Cann two piggens a Coal basket. To 4 Sheep & 4 Geese. To forty nine bushels of Corn and five bushels of beans an old Plough & Iron work. To an old Cart & Wheels. To a Chest No. 3 one new Novill table. To two pewter dishes at six pounds & 1/3 w'th one two year old Cow kind a Gun w'th a flat plate lock one Iron pot forty one pds weight. To four pounds of new Nails. To a Cow & Calf. To three hundred & seventy six pounds of Tobacco. To fifty seven shillings in Cash. Jonathan Stott John Robards Remy Floyd An Inventory of Isaac Jacobs part of his Fathers Estate To a Negroe boy calld Nim an thirty shillings in Cash To 4 three year Cow kind To 3 large new pewter dishes two new pewter basons & five new plates & a new pewter chamber pot 7 five new pewter spoons an old brass Candlestick & two old saddles To fifteen pounds of old worn pewter &