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& Chanke bottle and one large butter pot and a pair of Sheep Shears To a swine of three years old and three ditto two years old. & four swine more at one year old a piece, one horse of ten years old & a round table, and a Slate, an old plad blanket & three swine more of two years old apiece. To a bed No & bolster pillow two pillow cases Rug two blankets & sheet mat & case. To 1 bed N. 50 bolster & sheets To a Chest No 10 and three pewter dishes two of them at six pounds & 1/2 weight & four sheep & two year old Cow kind. To 1 small trading gun, To 1 Cow & Calf. To 1 new handkerchief To 1 piece of {illegible] twenty yards & eighteen & 1/2 of ornabriss To 3 yds of Virginia Cloth & a new sheet two new pots one at twenty one pounds & the other at eighteen pounds one pair of pot hooks and one Iron pith & a Logg wood Ax, worn one old drawing knife one Chizel & an old Augre a small hammer one hand saw and a parcel of old Iron To one old Dinner table Cloth & three new diaper napkins & six Coarse towels & one Coarse table Cloth To five sixty gallons of Cask & one tub. To a hide of Sold leather and part of a side of upper leather. To two old pistols barrels and an old Carbine. To a Sheer. To a lumen Wheels & Woolen. Wheels an old tub aging Scives an old Churn two bowls a ladle & three flagg Chairs & four Geese. To a fine Fustein Coat & a striped linner picked & Creechey eleven sticks of Mohair To 1 pair of hand Mill Stones to forty nine bushels of Corn three pecks to four pounds of new nails. To three hundred & seventy six pounds of Tobacco To fifty seven shillings in Cash. Henry Floyd John Roberts Jonathan Stotts An Inventory of Phillip Jacobs part of his Fathers estate To one Negroe boy call'd Sampson and one Negroe Wench Judea, To four two year old Cows hinid and one horse & four years old To three Swine, three year old apiece. To 1 Sheep & four Geese, To three new pewter dishes and one new pewter bason & five new pewter plates & five new pewter spoons and one new pewter pottle pot & pewter chamber pot & fifteen pounds of old worn pewter & a earthen bason