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baron one old Testament. To a small pewter pot one old Cap & one Earthen pan a Chunk bottle & pair of worn Scizzors To bed & quilt two sheets a fine plad blanket a suit of white Linnen Curtains {illegible} and a low bedstead mat & Cord and a pillow & two cases and a new handkerchief part Cotten To a new tow To one Iron pot thirty seven pounds weight To two larger London hoes and two narrow Ditto new IO& a new Coopers {illegible} an Iron Square a frying pan and a pair of pot hooks & pair of fine tongs two hillen & half worn & a small brass kettle & a parcel of old Iron. To twelve new draper napkins and two Coarse Ditto and one Coarse table Cloth To nineteen bushels of Corn. To five old sixty gallon Cask one old tub To a side of upper & Five of Sold leather To new Cedar washing tubs & two old linnen Wheels an old bucket & a bowl & three old fleigg Chairs To a new Cloth Coat a Virginia Cloth jacket, & breeches & a felt hat worn and pair of Pinabrig Breeches & a jacket and a pair of new Spectacles & Case To half a dozen knives & forks To a small pair of Compasses & the Iron work of a Plough To four pounds of new Nails To three hundred & seventy six pounds of Tobacco To fifty seven shillings in Cash. Jonathan Stott John Philbert Berry S iloyan An Inventory of Isaac Jacob part of his Fathers Estate To 1 Negroe Girl call'd Roady To four three year old Cows hind To a Cow & calf and one two year old Cow To a swine of three years old and three Ditto two year old and four Ditto a four year old & three Sheep To three large new dishes and a new {illegible} & five new plates and a new pewter pink pot and a pint ten hand five new spoons & fifteen pounds of old worn pewters & two glass bottles a rattle & pint a piece and a earthen pan & earthen pipken an earthen chamber pot an earthen cup To one pewter Salt seller and one bell mettle Skilled To one old Testament and a tinn sauce pan. To a bed N 1 bolster Rug blanket two sheets bedstead mat a Cord To 1 bed three sheets a plad blanket & suit Check Linnent Curtains one pillow & pillow Cases & a new Cotten handkerchief To seven yards of fine Camlet & five yds of Shalory &