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And your orator further sheweth that the other sharers of the Said Estate viz Mary the Exr of the Sd testator who intermarried afterwards with Clark Nottingham the afd Esau Jacob Tho's Jacob & Isaac Jacob recd it had Set a part for them by the Said Distribution other Slaves & valuable Effects to the full value of the Judith if accounted a Slave & the other Effects set apart for your Orator & in County ought as your Orator is advised to refund to your Orator Each of them not only one fifth part of the value of the said Judith but also Such costs & expences as your Orator was put by means of the Said Judiths obtaining her freedom which the said Esau Jacob Tho's Jacob & Isaac Jacob & William Jacob adm'r of the Said Mary Nottingham Deceasd & each of them have been Sundry times requested to {illegible} But So it is may it please your Worships that they all flatly deny or refuse to make your orator any allowance whatsoever on acct of the premises & insist that they cannot be compell'd thereto, all which actings & doings of the Said Esau, Thomas, Isaac & William adm'r of the Said Mary - against your Orator are Contrary to Equity or Good consciences & tend very much to the Impoverishment of your Orator & in tender Consideration whereof & for that your Orator hath as Belief in the premises at Common Law it is properly relievable in a Court of Equity & to the End that the Said Esau, Thomas, Isaac & William may on their Corporall oaths true & perfect answer make to all & Singular the promised allegations of this your Orators bill & that the Said Defendants or Each of them may be compelld to Contribute to your Orator their reliable part of your Orators loss by means of the Said Judith being declar'd free or likewise of your Orators Expences af'd or that your Orator may be relievd in the premises according to Equity or Good conscience.