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To the Justices of Northampton County. In Chancery, complaining shews to the court your oratrix Harriot B Parker devisee under the will of Nathaniel Darley dec'd; that the said Natha'l Darley was in his life time and at the time of his death possessed of a considerable Real and personal Estate, among which was a Tract of Land whereon the Testator and his sister-in-law Esther Darby resided; and the following slaves, to wit, George, James, Toby, Peter Junr:; Dennis, Smith, Hampton, Caleb, Benjamin, Cato, Peter Sen::, Hannah, Dilly, Elsy, Fanny Senr::, Fanny Jun::, Leah, Sarah, Comfort, Dinah; And the said Nathaniel Darby being seized in fee of the said Land and possessed as of his own absolute property of the aforesd slaves, duly made & published his last will and Testament, in writing bearing date 12th day of November 1811, and thereby among other things, devised as follows, to wit, "Imprimis. I lend unto my loving Sister-in-Law Esther Darby the plantation and tract of Land whereon we now live during her life or widowhood; and at her death or marriage, I give the said tract of Land to my niece Harriot B Parker and her heirs forever. Item. I lend unto my sister-in-Law her three first choice of my negroes during her life or widowhood, and at her death or marriage, I give the said negroes to be equally divided between my two nieces Mary Parramore and Harriot B Parker and their heirs. Item - It is my will that a sum of money equal in value to the remainder in the Land heretofore given to my niece Harriot, shall be raised out of my personal Estate, which sum of money I give to my niece Mary Parramore - and should my niece Harriot and Mr Thomas Parramore disagree as to the value of the Said remainder in the lands, I wish that value to be fixed by men mutually chosen by them. Item. It is my will that all the remaining part of my estate be it of what kind it may, shall be equally divided between my two nieces, Mary Parramore and Harriot B Parker." And your oratrix further shews to the court, that the said Nathaniel Darby departed this life on or about [blank] day of [blank] 181[blank], without altering or revoking his said Will; and upon his death the said Will was duly proved and admitted to record in the county court of Northampton, all which will more fully appear by reference to the said Will and the probate thereof which are herewith exhibited and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill. And your oratrix further shews, that the said Esther Darley immediately upon the death of the Testator made choice of Peter Sen:, Hannah and Dilly as the three first choice of all the Testators negroes and possessed herself thereof; that the following slaves, to wit, Hampton, Caleb, Benjamin and Cato deserted or run off to the enemy in the late War with G. Britain without any default or neglect of your oratrix; that the following slaves have been born since the death of the Testator, to wit, Grace, Nicy, Caleb,