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The undersigned to whom has been refered for his award all matters in difference between H. Shelton & James W Wauhop, having this day examined the bill & answers and the [which?] award that the Defendant J. W Wauhop pay the Plaintiff H Shelton thirty five dollars with Interest from the 5th day of May 1836 and the Costs of the suit Given and in my hand & seals this 20th day of April 1842 A. Staples Principal $35.00 Int from May 1936 to October 1844 } 17.85 Costs 25.59 $78.44 October 1844 Rec'd of A Staples the annexed amount of seventy eight dollars & forty four Cents in full of my decree upon this award as to him & J. W Wauhop & Th. M. [illegible] test Herbert Shelton [H. Cutz?]