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To the Judge of the circuit superior court of law and Chancery for the County of Southampton sitting in Chancery humbly complaing shews to the Court your oratrix Hannah a free woman of colour a a free negro, that one Carter Edmunds departed this life on the [blank] day of [blank] in the year 1829, having first made and published his last will and testament, an authanticate copy of in which has been produced in to the court of Southampton on the 15th of June 1829 by one Nicholas Edmunds, who made oath thereto according to law and together with Littleberry Mason and John M Gurley his securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $5,000, conditioned according to law, the said Edmunds having and in the County of Northampton in the state of North Carolina leaving a part of his estate in that state and a part in this Commonwealth & in this county, his said will was proved & admitted to record in the County of Northampton in North Carolina & an authenticated copy recorded in the said Court of Southampton, all which will more fully and at large appear by a copy of the executorial bond given in So.ampton which is herewith filed and marked A, and also by an authenticated copy of the said will herewith filed marked B. and which are prayed to be taken as parts of this bill Your oratrix charges that the said Littleberry Mason has died in Southampton County, & Nathl T. Williams and Stephen M Jackson before the County Court of Southampton have qualified as admrs: with the will annexed of said Mason, as will appear by exhibit X which is prayed to be taken as part of this bill. The said Carter Edmunds left at the time of his death, in the County of Southampton