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To the Hon'a. John Critcher, Judge of the Eighth Circuit, and of the Circuit Court of Westmoreland in Chancery sitting.

Humbly complaining shew unto your Honr. your Orator Frederick Campbell, and Lorenzo [Dow?] Campbell, sometimes called Montague, infants of color, under the age of twenty one years, [illegible] George W Murphy their guardian and next friend, and the said George W. Murphy guardian as aforesaid. 
 That your Orator Frederick and Lorenzo Dow are the children of a woman named Kitty, who was sometimes called Kitty Campbell and sometimes Montague. That the said Kitty was at the time of the birth of your Orator and was born the slave of John B. Murphy of [Ayrfield?] in said County. That during her life at one time cohabited  with one William Campbell likewise a slave of said Murphy, and after his death she cohabited, as your Orator hear from report, wit one Robert Montague a slave of F. W. Cox in said County. She the said Kitty continuing, the slave of the said Murphy, and [illegible]  having been married lawfully. That your Orator was born after the death of said William and while the said Kitty cohabited the said Robert and they reputed to be the children of said Kitty and Robert, of which they know & admit nothing. That the Robert died sometime before the commandment of the late [war?], and sometime after his death,  [illegible[ in December 1861, the said Kitty died.  That at the time of her death she was still the slave of said Murphy & left your Orator his slaves of very tender years in his possession. That said Murphy shortly after the death of said Kitty placed your orator with one Griffin R. [Keith/Kirk?] of said County with whom they remained rendering service/undisturbed and unclaimed by any one and provided for by no one but the said [Keith/Kirk?] until the beginning of the year 1866. That during the time which elapsed from the death of their mother as to the year 1866 your Orator had grown to be stout boys capable of rendering good service, sufficient to earn their livelihood, your Orator Frederick being now