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Virginia At a court of Monthly session began and held for Westmoreland County on Monday the 25th day of February 1867. On the motion of Geo W Murphy he is permitted to qualify as the Guardian of Frederick Montague Eliza Jane Montague Lorenzo [Davis?] Montague & Mary Frances Montague infant orphans of Kitty Campbell alias Montague decd Whereupon the said Geo. W. Murphy executed bonds in the penalty of $1000 can [illegible] as the laws directs with Robt W. Murphy & Wm W. Murphy his securities. On the motion of Charles Montague by his counsel and [appear?] from the above order is granted so far as concerns the appointment of the said Murphy as guardian of Mary Frances Montague whereupon R. A. Claybrook executed an appeal bond in the penalty of $500 conditioned as the law directs with Benedict Walker as security. A Copy Teste J Warren Hult Clk