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To The Honorable Creed Taylor Chancelor for the Lynchburg District Humbly complaining shew unto your honor your Orator Dudley Glass that some time about the 1st January 1814 he hired to a certain John Callaway hereinafter call'd Defendant of the County of Franklin a negroe man named Charles for the sum of seventy seven Dollars and fifty cents, for the term of one year; that after the contract the said Defendant instructed a certain Jacob Anderson (who then acted as an agent of the said Defendant as your Orator understands) to execute a note to your Orator for the amount of hire, that persuant to the instructions aforesaid, the said Jacob executed a note to your Orator signed and sealed by himself as agent for Callaway & Early for the sum aforesaid, which note for greater certainty is herewith exhibited, refered too, & prayed to be taken as part of his his bill. Your Orator further shewith, that he was entirely ignorant of the proprietors of the Iron works, the manner in which it was conducted, by whom and at that time, of the Defendant himself, knowing that his slave was to be employed in carrying on the said Iron works, of which the said Defendant seemed to have the controul, and management, and being informed that they were punctual in the payment of negroe hire, and trusting to the honor & integrity of the said Defendant, permitted him to keep his slave agreeable to the Contract to the end of the year without ever suspecting fraud or imposition. Your Orator further shewith that some time after the service of the said slave and the money became due for his hire he applied to the