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responsibility of circumstances would disdain in such a business to practice fraud upon him. But now so it is may it please your worships, it appears that the paper which your orator signed was a bond or other obligation for the full sum of six pounds without any deduction whatsoever, which bond the said John Baird hath assigned to a certain John D Haldane, who hath brought suit & recovered judgment on the same in this court, & will unless prevented by this court issue execution thereon against your orators person or effects. In tender consideration whereof, & forasmuch as your orator is remediless in the premises except by the intervention of a court of equity - to the end therefore that the said John Baird Jun'r. & the said J D Haldane may on their respective corporal oaths, full true & perfect answer make to the premises, & that your worships may be pleased to injoin the said judgment as to five pounds nine shillings thereof, & to grant to your orator with other & farther relief as may be consistent with equity - May it please your worships the premises considered to grant to your orator the Commonwealths writ of subpoena & injunction commanding &c Taylor for compt. Town of Petersburg Sct. James Dugger this day made oath before me a magistrate of the said town, that the above bill in chancery is true, to the best of his knowledge & belief. Given under my hand the first day of September 1798. William Prentis