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The answer of Louisa King wife of John King to a bill of Complaint Exhibited against her and others in the Circuit Court of Norfolk County by L.A. Bilisoly suing for himself and all other Creditors of Margaret Pruden deceased. This defendant for answer says, that she was sister of Margaret Pruden deceased, and as such is one of her heirs at law, and claim a share of in the said property in the bill mentioned. She further says, that the said Margaret Pruden was born in Nansemond County and was the slave of Nath'l Pruden of said County, and that she remained in his service as such until the spring of 1863, at which time she came to Portsmouth. In 1864 she, the said Margaret Pruden and one George Ricks, a free born man of color commenced to cohabit together as husband and wife, undertaking and agreeing to occupy the relation to each other of husband and wife and so continued to cohabit together, claiming the relation to each other until her death in 1875. That after this was the said Margaret collected of the US Government $325 as bounty due her deceased son George Pruden by a former husband, and out of this, she bought the property in