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(2) lien on the wife and children untill he was remunerated for the sums paid by the said Cravens in the purchase of Sampsons wife and child. What interest your Respt. continued to hold in the said wife and children and what sums the said Sampson continued to owe to this Respt. on the [blank] day of Feby 1820 will more fully appear by reference to a settlement made between him and Sampson on the [blank] day of Feby 1820, which settlement is marked (C) & exhibited as part of this answer. At the time Sampson left your Respondent he advised Sampson to keep out of Debt & told him if ever he moved to a free State he would take Sampson and his family with him; Shortly after your Respts return (in Jan'y last) from the State of Indianna where he had purchased and to which place during the last fall he had removed and settled part of his family, Sampson came to your Respondent and reminded him of his promise to take him Sampson to a free state, which your Respt. agreed to do and took a formal redelivery of the said Sampsons wife and children mentioned in the settlement (C) before the persons therein mentioned and shortly after went into the settlement (C) About the time of this settlement your Respondent at the initiation of Mr. Morris went to his house, the family told your Respt that they understood he was then about to remove Sampson