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[flattering?] auction to his soul, that the end justifies the means. Your Orator does not mean therefore, to charge so capital a sin on the defendant craven as trading in human flesh - Is as to make him the owner of a slave even for a moment: But his will and does charge him, of adopting means by which this auditor of the said Sampson (if he is not defrauded of his debts) will be postponed for a considerable time in the receipt thereof. The facts as far as they have come by information to your Orator that he and your Honor will judge how far justice and the principles of equity have been violated. Whar already been stated that on the 12th day of Aug. 1819 two suits were defending in the name of your orators, against the sd Sampson. He had no property except some slaves which he owned (all of them were his children) by which the debts afsd [aforesaid] could be discharged. This it is believed was well known to the deft Cravens. To obtain the advantages of the labors of the children or slaves of sd Sampson (a matter which it is supposed would be peculiarly desirable in a new country where there are no slaves and hirelings are scarce and to withdraw them, together with the wife of sd Sampson who is also his slave, from the legal process to which they were liable on behalf of the sd Sampsons creditors: the sd Cravens combining with the sd Sampson (who is also made a defendant to this bill) to defraud his auditors, contracted as your Orators has been informed and believes, with the sd Sampson for all the children of which Mr Sampson was the owner (and there were several) together with the wife of sd Sampson. The Girls you orator has understood were to serve the sd Cravens untill they reached the age of eighteen at which time they were to receive some triple and be free.