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sitting + composing the Court for the County of Augusta & as the Court had no authority of law to require & take such bond, the same so far as your [respondants?] is concerned , at least is void + of no obligatory force - To constitute a legal bond there mush be competent [officers?] as well as [obligors?] - In this case the supposed [oblijces?] had no legal competency to take the bond + therefore it is of no binding effect- Your [supondents?] being mere [sunties?] , can only be bound by virtue, + to the extent of their bond; + as they received no part of the money, there is no legal or moral obligation on them to be answerable , unless they are bound by the supposed bond- in all bonds authorized by law , the principle is given to the [sureties?] to [reconize?] counter-security if they find themselves in danger of loss- In this case the bond not being authorized by law it would not have been competent for your [ressondents?] to apply to the County Court -, by motion or notice