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[text left side of page] whole object of the investigation 7 that other person is the [illegible], whose discretion over the subject is subject to no control; except that of the court. These propositions appear to me to cover the whole ground. There is no difference between one interrogatory & another; they are all governed by the same principles. In every case, the [Commr] must satisfy himself, by the best evidence he can command, of the time which he aught to allow, with reference to the great object which he has in view, nor: to get at the truth of the case, in a manner just to both parties. [illegible] may allow [illegible] day, a week, an hour or five minutes, as in his opinion, the justice of the case required. It would be a mockery of justice, to suffer a party to delay the proceedings, & [illegible] & [illegible] his [illegible], by claiming a long or an indefinite time, to prepare an answer, which the Court may be fully satisfied that he can give with equal truth & fulness, [illegible]. This is the instruction which I have always given to the English rule & is the utmost extent to which I here [illegible] [text on right side of page] known it [illegible] in practice. Those say to Mr Scarbough that I presume this letter to be a full answer to his upon the same subject [illegible] A P [illegible]