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1832 "for an Execution in favour of Bagwell Taylor vs John" "Bull for a Debt of C. Mason to which Bull was security" The Bond given by Bull & Mason to Bagwell Taylor, (a copy of which is filed amongst the papers in this cause) upon the face of it appears to be for the joint debt of Bull & Mason; but from the answer of the defendant, the testimony of Wm Parramore Jus and the testimony of Tayler himself the commissioner is of the opinion that the money borrowed of Bagwell Taylor, and for which that Bond was given, was for the individual use and benefit of Mason, and he has accordingly so charged it in the account "B" The propriety of this charge, however, the Commissioner respectfully submits to the Court In the answer filed by John Bull in his lifetime he states that a Debt of $806 with some arrear of interest thereon still remained due by Bull & Mason to Betsey Wharton's Exer. This debt does not appear to have been since paid by Bull, nor by Mason's Exr; and on inquiry from Betsey Wharton's Executor it appears that no evidence of any such debt can now be found amongst the papers belonging to her Estate. Conquently that alleged debt has not entered into the accounts made up by the Commissioner. It appears to the Commissioner that on the 20th day of October 1826 Bull & Mason advanced to John G Joynes Three Hundred Dollars for the purchase of a negroe which was not delivered, nor has the money been refunded. This money and the interest thereon to the 6th of October 1837 amounts to $497.25. This sum when collected will be for the joint benefit of Bull & Mason. If the Administraters of Bull choose to consider the same as funds in hand, and to take up on themselves the collection thereof, then the Debt due by Mason to Bull would be Seventeen Hundred & thirty four dollars and seventy five and an half cents [text appearing on right side of page] instead of $1983.38 as stated in the account "B" All which is respectfully reported Costs before Commissioner [illegible] Commissioner 17 1/2 hours $17.50 Sheriff 3.42 $20.92 Tho R Joynes Commisr in Chancery "A' John Bull To Bull & Mason [illegible] 1830 May} To amount of funds in hand at Mason's death as proved by [illegible] P Custis "not less than $1800 nor more [than?] $2300 (say the medium) } $2050.00 Deduct the value of 3 negroes included in that estimate and which belonged to Delaney as stated in Bull's answer to interrogatories } 537.50 $1572.50 Deduct cash paid James Boggs $234.00 Interest from 15th April 1830 - 1 month 1.15 231.15 $1281.35 Interest to 21st June 180. sy 1 month & 6 days 7.64 1288.99 Deduct cash paid P Pollargo on bond 21st June 1836 366.51 922.48 Interest to 28th June 1830 1.07 923.55 Deduct cash paid Richd S Rew 28th June 30 33.28 890.27 Interest to 22nd July 1830 3.56 893.83 Deduct cash paid Jane S Rew 22d July '30 $204.35 do do Richd S Rew 559.37 763.62 136.21 Interest to 23d July 1830 1 day 2 Due by Bull before payments made by him on the 23d July 1830 } 136.23 By Cash paid Jane Straw 23d July 1830 $426.86 841.86 Deduct this sum due by Bull as above 130.23 711.49 Interest from 23d July 1830 to 6th October 1837 } 307.71 Due by Bull & Mason to Jno Bull including interest to 6th October 1837 } $1019.20