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We John Bull & Charles Mason for value received of Bagwell Taylor promis to pay to him or his heirs or assigns the sum of five hundred & fifty dollars current money of the United States to which payment we bind ourselves and each of our heirs executers & {illegible} as witness our hands & seals this the 26th Nov 1828. Teste Wm. L. Custis for Mason John Bull Jr seal W. {Panamers} Jr for Bull Charles Mason seal April 23d 1830 Received of Charles Mason and J Bull this sum of $33 in part of the interest by Mason & Bull Test J.J. Ailworth dy for Thos R. Joynes clk Principal $550.00 Interest 129.25 Costs 6.49 685.74 {illegible} 2nd Apl 1830 less than interest than due 33.00 652.74 E. Fee 22.15 674.79 F. Bond .63 $675.42 Int to 26 Nov. 1832 3.37 $678.79 J.J. Ailworth Dy Clk Return day in October 1832