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Where is the statement which you exhibited to the plaintiff on the day of Chas Mason's death? That Mr Mays lost - I carried every paper to Mr Mays to bring suit.

In what form was that statement was it in a book, or on a small piece of paper? In a book

Did or did not the Pltff. make some endorsement or writing, or make some figures upon that statement? Not that I know of

Have you any such statement? No

Did you ever purchase any slaves and carry them or send them to a foreign market before you were in Partnership with Mason? Yes I did - in partnership with Teirford

Did you or did you not, before the existence of the partnership between you and Mason, buy slaves on your own account, to be sold for your benefit and by yourself, elsewhere than in the county of Accomack? Yes I believe I have. I believe I bourgh some before Mason was born & since he was born

Charles Mason's Executor Pltff vs John Bull Deft } In Chancery Commissioners Office January 8th 1834. Defendant says no partnership books or papers except those filed and send Interrogatories propounded orally by Plainfitt to Defendant. 1st When did you & Mason commence buying negroes? Answer: I recond in 1824 or 1825 but cannot possitively say which 2nd. Have you any means of ascertaining in which year you commenced bying negroes with Mason? Answer. I do not know certainly but believe I could tell if I could see a paper in the plaintiff's possession. 3d. Have you at any time since Charles Mason's death, had in your possession the means of ascertaining with possitive certainty when the partnership commenced? Answer: I do not know that I have the subject was not on my mind. 4. With what capital did you and Mason commence buying negroes? Answer: I hd Two thousand Dollars of my own money and Mason Ninety Dollars 5. What Slaves were purchased with this capital? The defendant by advice of his Counsel refused to answer any further questions unles the interrogations were first committed to writing and a copy furnished the defendant. February 20th 1834 40 minutes Interrogatories propounded & Copy required in writing & plaintiff insisted that the defendant has not a right to a copy & question adjourned to Judge- March 17 1 Notice 45 minutes Again met & various interrogatories & answers - 5 Hours 1 notice March 18 Arranging Interrogatories & C 45 minutes