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[Page 1] Mason's Exs v Bull

[Page2] Chas. Mason's Ex'r vs Jno. Bull Senr. } In Chcy

Comor Joynes will please propound in behalf of the plaintiff the following interrogations to the Defendant:

1st. Were you or where you not at the residence of Charles Mason, the plaintiff's testator, on the day of his death?

2nd Did you or did you not on that day inform the plaintiff in the presence of other individuals, that all the funds belonging to the late firm of Bull & Mason were in your hands, and that, if the plaintiff would go to your house, you would exhibit to him a statement shewing the condition of the said firm?

3. Did you or did you not on that day exhibit such statement or any other to the plaintiff?

4. Have you or have you not shewn any such statement at any time to any individual? and if so, to whom and what kind of statement have you exhibited?

5. Did you or did you not on the day of said Charles Mason's death inform the plaintiff that the funds belonging to the said firm of Bull & Mason would be sufficient for the payment of the debts of the said firm?

6. What has been done with the three slaves belonging to the said Bull & Mason who were on hand at the death of the said Mason?

7. Did you borrow the money which you advanced when Bull & Mason first went into business?

8. Did you ever purchase a slave for speculation on your own account before you and Mason went into Partnership?

Geo. P. Scarburgh, p.q.