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March 17th. 1834 To the within Interrogatories the following answers are made - to 1st Interrogatory. Yes. 2nd. Never. 3. I showed to the plaintiff a statement of money taken by Mason at different times, but not all, nor one half of what he had taken. Nor did I exhibit a statement of the whole condition of the firm 4. I never showed such a statement to any person [illegible] I know of. No man [illegible] asked me for such a statement. I thought Mason had paid $800 & odd. to Mr. Wharton, but he paid no part of it as Cot Bayly informed me 5. No never in my life to him or any body else. 6. I bought three little negroes of Delany from Delaware & they were to be sold, and Delany to have out of the Sales, the Cost and half the profits - and afterwards Delany put in a negroe woman and child. When they were sold and Delany paid his money, there remained $60 or $80 a piece profits - and after deducting expenses, Mason would be entitled to about $20. 7. The defendant by advice of Counsel refuses to answer this Interrogatory because it is tooo general. 8. I believe a thousand. I dont know [illegible] before he & I went into partnership Mason's Ex vs Bull Interrogatories propounded by Plaintiff 20th day of February 1834 & answers given on the 17th March 1834