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Northam has qualified as his Administrator, and in that capacity has taken into his custody and keeping the books, papers, memoranda and accounts of his said intestate. These complainants are desirous of having a full and complete account of the transactions of the said William Nock as Exor. of Zadock Nock decd. [deceased] regularly and properly stated, and the errors and omissions in the one heretofore returned corrected and supplied; but they are advised that their wishes in this regard can be attained only by the aid of a court of Equity. In tender consideration whereof, and for as much as your orator and oratices are without relief in the premises, save by the aid of a court of Equity, where matters of this sort are alone cognizable, they pray that if the said Levi J. Northam, Administrator of the said William Nock deceased, may be made a party defendant to this Bill, and be required to unsever the same in all its parts and particulars; that the said administrator may be required to produce for examination all books, memoranda acc[ounts]