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Stephen Godwin (col'd) a lawfull witness called for the Plaintiffs, being first duly sworn deposes and says: Q 1 What is your name and to whom did you belong when you were a slave? Ans: My name is Stephen Godwin and I belonged to Zadock Nock my last Master.

Q 2 Were you acquainted with Emma, Let, Eliza and Handy, referred to in the foregoing deposition? Ans: Yes sir I am very well acquainted with them.

Q 3 If slaves to whom did they belong? Ans: They belonged to Zadock Nock.

Q 3 Was Emma hired out after the death of Zadock Nock, and if so to whom? Ans: Yes she was hired out to Mr. Aser Sheld the first year after his death - the year 1862. The next year she was hired out to Mr Gillet Chesser - where she lived until she got free.

Q 4 Who was her father? Ans I am said to be her father.

Q 5 For what sum did she hire out by the year? Ans I dont know.

Q 6 What was her age at the death of Zadock Nock? Ans: She was not over 16 at his death - some where there about.