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interest in the lots of ground above described. That there is altogether about eight acres of land in said lots, partly bordering on the River Potomac, North of, and near to the lock connecting the basin of the Alexandria Canal on the said River. That the dwelling house, and other improvements on said property, are of inconsiderable value, and the said lots have been hitherto used in the cultivation of vegetables, grass, and crops of small grain. That owing to the contiguity of said lots to the out-let of the Alexandria Canal, they will be greatly convenient, and their occupation highly important in forming a depot, and in connexion with the Alexandria Canal, affording the necessary facilities for the landing and shipment of large quantities of coal and iron, which it is confidently expected will find an outlet at this point, on the completion of the Ches [Chesapeake] & Ohio canal to Cumberland, which it is believed will be effected within about one year from this period.

That the Directors of the Alexandria Canal Company have already made a contract with one (and perhaps more) of the companies engaged in mining coal in the vicinity of Cumberland for landing and shipping large quantities thereof. That the said company now owns considerable property at the outlet of said canal - but not a sufficient quantity as your orator has been informed and believing for the anticipated trade. That they are projecting plans, and adopting schemes of improvement which it is contemplated will be of a costly and permanent character. to carry out which, and to afford proper and ample accommodation for the said anticipated business, will it is believed require a considerable addition to the ground now owned by said company. There is thus a prospect, that property bordering on the river, in the immediate vicinity of the outlet of the Alexandria Canal, will be speedily improved and rendered valuable, and your orator believes and so states that it will be highly detrimental both to his own interests and to that of his children as reversioners, that the said lots should be passed by in said plan of improvements, as they must be, in the present state of things. Your orator has not the means himself nor can he procure the necessary funds, on loan to make any such improvements as those contemplated, on his own account, nor has he been able, owing to the great uncertainty of the time, to lease out said property during the continuance of his life interest - your orator believes that the present is a most propitious time for the sale of said property - and if now passed over the said company will avail themselves of other property, not so eligibly situated and place valuable and permanent work thereon, which when erected, may for a long time delay the sale or improvement of the lots above described. Your orator further states that the said property in its present situation does not yield more annually than an income of $200.00 whereas, if now sold, and the proceeds judiciously invested he doubts not would produce four times that amount. He further shews that for the entire support of his wife and children, he depends in a great measure on the income from said property, with what little he is able to add thereto by his own personal labor. That the proceeds arising from the sale of said property, if ordered under a decree of this court, could by your Honors directive be reinvested as safely as at present with far more profit, present and prospective if your orator is not mistaken in his above views. In tender consideration whereof, and as your orator is without remedy in a court of common law and can only be relieved in a court of equity where matters of this kind are properly cognisable, He humbly prays that the said Prudence Crandell Hepburn, Moses G. Hepburn, Amelia Rebecca Hepburn, Julia Ann Hepburn, and Thomas Hepburn infants under the age of fourteen years may be made defendant to this bill. That your Honor will appoint a guardian ad litem for said infants who on his corporal oath shall answer all the allegations of this bill - your orator further prays that this