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Hepburn vs Hepburn This cause came on finally to be heard this 27th day of November 1865, upon the papers formerly read the petitioner of Lewis Cooper dated the 27th day of November, and the report of the Francis L Smith, commissioner of sale, dated the 27th day of November 1865 with the papers accompanying the same, to which said report, these being no exception, is hereby confirmed, by and with the consent of the parties to this cause, and the court on the footing of said report, doth adjudge, order and decree, that the said Francis L Smith, commissioner of sale payover, and deliver, the children of Moses Hepburn, decd. respectively, to wit Moses ^G^ Hepburn, Prudence C Smith, the wife of George W Smith, Thomas William Hepburn, Julia Ann Hepburn and Arthur Hepburn, or to their Attorneys or legal representatives, respectively, in money, and in notes, and Virginia State Stock, or bonds, the amount reported to be in his hands, paying and delivering to John J Monaghan, Attorney in fact for George W Smith, Prudence C Smith, and Julia Ann Hepburn, the shares, or portions, respectively, to which the said Prudence C Smith, formerly Prudence C Hepburn, and Julia Ann Hepburn, are entitled, as children of Moses Hepburn decd. and paying and delivering to Simon Bernard