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as Guardian for the infant Arthur Hepburn the share or portion of the said Arthur Hepburn in the said money, and in the notes, and Virginia State Stock, or Bonds, in kind and paying and delivering, to the said Moses G. Hepburn, and Thomas William Hepburn, respectively, their attorney, or legal representatives, their respective shares or portions in the said money, and in the notes and Virginia State Stock, or bonds in kind, and the receipts of said parties, the children of the said Moses Hepburn, decd. respectively, their Attorney or legal representatives, shall be proper discharges, and releases, to said commissioner, for the performance of his duties under this decree. And the Court doth further order and decree, that the said Francis L. Smith, as such Comr of Sale, shall at the proper cost and charges, of the said Lewis Cooper, and Charles M Taylor, convey to them as tenants in common, and not as joint tenants, the real estate, in the bill and proceedings mentioned, and deliver the said deed to the said Cooper and Taylor as heretofore ordered by the decree of May 13th 1853 and [sideways on right margin] and surrender to the said Cooper and Taylor their bond given for the purchase money, and the Court doth further, order and decree, that C. W. Wattles and S. Ferguson Beach execute and deliver, to the said children of Moses decd, a deed of release to the deed of trust from Moses