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at this time? Answer I am acquainted with the property referred to, the improvements in buildings are not worth more than a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. The Land or Lots are in cultivation in grass, grain and vegetables, Question by Compl Counsel, What in your opinion as to the present value of the property and do you believe that it would be to the interest of the infants, and all parties concerned that the property should be sold at this time or not. Answer, I should suppose the Land worth $200 per acre, I think the interest of all those interested as owners of the property would be pro rated by a sale of the property at this time. Question by same, Do you know any other property owned by the Moses Hepburn and his infant children than referred to in said Bill, Answer I do not, Further this deponent saith not Chas. McKnight

Anthony Gover, a witness of lawful age, having first dully affirmed (being a member of the Society of Friends and conscientiously scupulous of taking an oath) deposeth and saith. Question by compls Counsel, Are you acquainted with the property belonging to Moses Hepburn and children, mentioned in the bill in chancery pending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery of Alex'd County If you state, the value of the property what in your opinion is the value thereof at the present time, the annual proceeds devised from the same under its present management , and whether or not you believe it would be advantageous to all parties involved then in that said property should be sold or not and the proceeds of the sale vested in stocks or other securities under the direction of the court? Answer I am acquainted with the property I think the property worth $200 per acre, I suppose the present annual value, settled one hundred or one hundred & fifty dollars per annum as managed at present, I believe, the interest of all concerned would be promoted by a sale of the property, and the proceeds of sale vested in good securities under the direction of the court Farther this deponent saith not . A P Gover Ques Hugh Smith, a witness of lawful age, having been duly sworn deposeth and saith question by complainants council Please examine the interogatery propounded to.