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4 of the tract and where Doll Bell now lives, as was agreed on by the Executors and myself before I built the house thereon: I also give them my lot call'd Dowdels-town with all the houses on it, lying on the North side of Princess Street and west side of St. Asaphs Street in the Town of Alexandria to them during their natural lives as tenants in common, and to their children lawfully begotten: but if they die leaving no legal issue, then I give it to my grandchildren and their heirs in manner aforesaid. Until these children come of age I direct my Executors to pay the proceeds of said property to their mother to enable her to support them and give them all the education she can. It is my desire that Jerry shall serve his brother Moses until he come to the age of twenty one years when I will him to be free and he is hereby declared to be manumitted and set free at that time. My household furniture, horses and cows, I desire my executors to sell at public vendue immediately after my deceased, all except what Hannah Jackson shall need for the care of Letty and Julia and Eliza: the money arising from the sale to be applied to the discharge of the expenses of my funeral and to support the three children of Esther until they get of the rents and other income I leave them, with all my other personal property I give to William H. Dundass my grandson all my wharf and warehouses with the whole of the lot on the east side of Union Street; I also give unto him my house and lots now occupied by Robert Anderson on Princess Street and west of Moses's lot and east of