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1 To the Humble Edward K Snead Judge of the Circuit Court Court for the County of Alexandria and State of Virginia- The undersigned commissioner of sale, in the suit of Hepburn against Hepburn, Cooper, and others would by leave further to report, that since the date of his last report, in this cause, to the November Term 1860, Moses Hepburn has departed this life, and his widow Amelia R. Hepburn took out letters testamentary on his estate. The said Amelia R. Hepburn, has since died, and that administration on the estate of the said Moses Hepburn, decd has been committed to the hands of Moses G. Hepburn one of the children of Moses Hepburn decd. Your commissioner further reports, that the following are the surviving children, of the said Moses Hepburn, decd to wit, Prudence C. Smith, the wife of George W. Smith, formerly Prudence C. Hepburn, Thomas William Hepburn, Julia Ann Hepburn, Moses G. Hepburn, and Arthur Hepburn, the said Arthur being an infant under the age of twenty one years- That the said George W. Smith and Prudence C. Smith and Julia Ann Hepburn have appointed John J. Monaghan of West Chester, Pa their agent and attorney in fact, to act for them, and in their behalf, in this suit, as will be seen by the Letters of Attorney