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2 Martha [illegible], and filed herewith0 That Simon Bernard, of Pennsylvania, is the duly appointed guardian, of the infant Arthur Hepburn, as will appear, by a certificate of the Orphans Court of Chester County, and State aforesaid, herewith filed, marked 3- Your commissioner further reports, that in addition to the sum of five thousand, one hundred, and ten dollars, and seventy two cents ($5110 72/100) interest money, collected by your commissioner, of Lewis Cooper, and paid over to Moses Hepburn, as stated in the said report, to the November Term 1860, your commissioned, collected, and paid over, to the said Moses Hepburn, as interest money, to the 1st of July 1860, on the $2100, of Virginia, Deposited Stock, mentioned in the report, to the Feby Term 1834, the sum of nine hundred and twenty eight dollars, and thirty five cents ($928 33/100)- Lee Statement marked 4. Your comr. further reports, that he also collected, and paid, over to Amelia N. Hepburn as Executrix of Moses Hepburn, decd, the sum of four hundred and twenty four dollars, and forty cents ($424 40/100) being the interest money, from the 1st of July 1860 to the 1st of Jany 1861 to which the said Moses Hepburn, was entitled, on the Virginia State Stock, [illegible] and coupon heretofore reported to have been paid by Lewis Cooper, on the purchase money of the real estate in the bill and proceedings mentioned, and also on the unpaid balance of the said purchase