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3 money, amounting to $8100 there being added to said interest in the way of exchange of $5 40/100 and deducted therefore, the amount of a fee bill part of the costs of this suit. See statement 5. Your commissioner further reports, that he received in such currency, as the State of Virginia was then paying, the interest on her public debt, the interest on the said $2100 of Va. registered stock, upon the 1st of Jany 1861 to the 1st of Jany 1865 [illegible] the last name date, amounting to $504- see statement 6- That since said last mentioned period, the State of Virginia, has suspended the payment of interest on her public debt. That the entire amount of interest on the $4000 of coupon bonds mentioned in the last report of your comr as having been paid by Lewis Cooper, since the 1st of Jany 1861- remains unpaid in the shape of coupons attached to said bonds- and the interest on the $8100- the balance of the purchase money due from said coupon at the date of said last report, from the said 1st of Jany: 1861- together with the said balance of $8100- has been [illegible] by said Cooper in the manner herein after stated. That it will appear from the report of your Comr to the Feby: Term 1834, after paying the expenses of Sale, and [illegible] to Moses Hepburn the sum of $1600, there remained in the hands of your Comr out of the $2100, the cash payment made by Lewis Cooper the sum of fourty seven dollars and four cents ($47 04/100) the interest on which to the