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4 13th of Nov. 1865, (the first day of this term) is $33 11/100 making in the [aggregate?] $80 15/100, which deducted from the sum of $178 22/100, being his comr of two percent on account of collection of the interest money, loans due your comr. out of the fund in his hands, the sum of $98 07/100. Your comr further reports that the children and heirs at law, of Moses Hepburn decd, personally, or through their attornies [attorneys] and representation, have entered, into an arrangement, with Lewis Cooper, the purchaser of the said real estate, whereby the said parties agreed, to accept from said Cooper, in lieu of, and as an equivalent, for the Virginia State Stock, due from said Cooper, on his said purchase with the accrued interest therein the noted of the Five Insurance Company of Alexandria with interest added amounting to $2045 and $5589 63- in United States Currency, in full discharge and satisfaction of the balance of said purchase money due from said Cooper, as heretofore reported, with the accrued interested thereon, and have authorized and directed your comr. to receive the said notes, and currency, in full discharge and satisfaction of the balance, principal, and interest of such indebtedness. The said notes and money amount to the sum of seven thousand, six hundred & thirty four 63/100 dollars as will be sum seen from statement 7 Your comr. also appends hereto a