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To the Honble John W. Tyler, Judge of the Circuit Court, for the County of Alexandria - Virginia. The undersigned, commissioner of sale, in the suit, of Moses Hepburn, complainant against Prudence C. Hepburn, and others defendants would respectfully report, that he caused a copy of the accompanying notice to be served on Lewis Cooper, and Charles M. Taylor - as will be seen by the affidavit [thence, therein?] - your commissioner reports, that the said Cooper and Taylor have wholly failed to comply with said notice, and that neither of said parties, have made any payment on the purchase money for the real estate purchased by the said Cooper, under decrees in said cause, then such as is stated by your commissioner in his former reports - leaving the greater portion of said purchase money and stock due and unpaid. Your Commissioner deems it his duty, to respect the above facts, that such action may be taken in the premises, as your Honor may deem right and proper. Novr. 8th 1856 Francis L. Smith Commissioner of sale in the suit of Moses Hepburn vs Prudence C. Hepburn & others