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To the Honble: John W. Tyler, Judge of the Circuit Court for the County of Alexandria, Virginia. The undersigned commissioner, appointed by the decree, in the suit of Moses Hepburn agaisnt Prudence C. Hepburn & others, [could by law?] to report that he advertised in "The Alexandria Gazette" for the period required by said decree, and also published a notice in "The Baltimore Sun" of the contracting for the sale, of the real estate in the bid and proceedings mentioned, (subject to the approval of the court,) to take place on the 8th day of April 1852. That owing to the inclemency of the weather, your commissioner deemed it in expediant to postpone the offer of said property, and the same was continued, under like notices until the 20th day of May 1852, when the said property was exposed at public offering under said decree, upon the terms in said notice mentioned - a copy of which is herewith filed. That your commissioner, had the property surveyed, by the county surveyor, and divided into lots of [convenient life?], a plat exhibiting & the division of said property, and the number and situation, of said lots, is herewith returned as part of this report marked A. Your Commissioner also files herewith a statement marked B of the auctioneer setting forth the names of the bidders and the highest prices offered for [illegible]. such of said lots as was set up, and at which they have struck off. Your Commissioner would further state that having tested the prices for said lots, he was satisfied that they were not commanding such prices as your Commissioner thought they were worth. and he withdrew the balance of said lots. Your Commissioner would further report, that the said property is located