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in the northern part of the Town of Alexandria, at the out-let of Alexandria Canal, and its value is regarded as depending in a considerable degree, upon its proximity to said Canal, and the River Potomac, upon which it [birds?]. That a few weeks before the said 20th day of May The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, (of which the said Alexandria Canal may be considered as an extension) was greatly damaged by an [an asaal freshot?], in the said River Potomac which caused a suspension of business upon said canal, and as your commissioner supposes had a tendency to [de-?] the value of the above mentioned property. This in connexion with the provision in the decree, that the property should be paid for in Virginia State Stock, which is more much above its normal fair value, prevented in the opinion of your commissioner higher prices from being bid for said lots. As the said bidding [illegible] was subject by the terms of the decree, to the approval of the Honble Court, your commissioner felt it to be his duty, at least to test the prices, and this too in view of the fact that there had been [illegible] postponement as above stated your commissioner has not received any portion of the purchase money. Your comr. would have very respectfully to suggest, that the said decree be so far modified as to provide that the said property shall [bee?] sold for money, and on a credit of one, two and three years, with interest, requireing bond & security of the purchasers & the title to be retained until full payment of the purchase [illlegible] all of which is resprectfully submitted. Francis L. Smith, Comr.